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You could start as a Barista in Starbucks, become a Training Specialist in Subway, then a Service Leader in KFC and on to an Assistant Manager in WHSmith. You could become a Unit Business Manager in our forecourts or a General Manager in our hotels before joining our High Potential Programme to become a Site Leader of the future or take on a national Support Centre role.

Jargon buster

Assistant Manager
A person who manages the shift and supports the UBM in all aspects of running the business.
ASOM – Assistant Site Operations Manager
A person who supports the SOM on site and is in charge when the SOM isn’t around.
CoE – Centre of Excellence
These are the best units to train our new managers.
ER – Employee Relations
A person who supports the PBPs and will give you advice if you have any questions or concerns at work.
Famous Five
Our five service steps to help us delight customers every day.
GSA – Guest Service Assistant
A member of our hotel team who makes sure every guest staying with us has a great experience from the moment they arrive, to when they leave.
GSM – Guest Service Manager
A person who helps the Hotel General Manager by running an effective reception and encouraging GSAs to deliver great service.
High Potential Programme
A development programme that supports your career journey to the next level.
Hotel Regional Manager
A Hotel Regional Manager is someone who looks after several hotels in one region.
Jam Team Room
Where you can see what is happening in Welcome Break.
Electronic badges you can give someone as a well done in Jam!
Learning Zone
A place on-site where you can carry out your online learning.
LMS – Learning Management System
Where all of our learning is completed and recorded.
MSA – Motorway Service Area
We’re a motorway service area, not a service station.
Where you can book your holiday and find out how many days you have left.
MWB – My Welcome Break
Your online place for receiving fantastic discounts and benefits.
PBP – People Business Partner
Someone who works closely with the sites and the RODs on all people matters.

ROD – Regional Operations Director
The person who supports and coaches your Site Leader to run the business as successfully as possible.
Service Leader
A person who manages a shift and helps you to deliver the brand standards in a QSR or retail unit.
SFM – Site Finance Manager
This person works with the UBM and Site Leader to ensure the site finances are looked after.
Site Leader
Someone who coaches UBMs to successfully run their brands. Also describes a combined Site Manager and Site Operations Manager role.
SM – Site Manager
Someone who works in one of our smaller sites, coaching their UBMs to successfully run the brands.
SOM – Site Operations Manager
Like an SM, this is someone who coaches their UBMs to successfully run the brands, but is based at one of our bigger sites.
SoS – Speed of Service
Our customers want to get back on the road as quickly as possible, so we always need to keep an eye on our speed of service.
Team Member Specialist
Someone who is an expert in their role and will help you deliver the best customer service experiences.
Team Room
A place on-site where you can take a break. We don’t say staff room because at Welcome Break we’re all Team Members.
Our system for rostering and clocking in/out for your shift.
Training Specialist
Someone who’ll help you learn your job role and support your ongoing training in the unit.
UBM – Unit Business Manager
The person who runs our branded units, supporting and coaching Team Managers and Team Members to do their best.
VC – Vantage Court
The central support centre that helps our sites.
Your Welcome
Welcome Break’s induction programme.